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We are an NGO consisting of a team of passionate athletes and skilled professionals from Guatemala, who possess extensive knowledge in the field of ecotourism and are deeply committed to outdoor sports.


With a combined experience of over 30 years, we recognize the immense potential that exists in Guatemala for the development of sports and tourism, and we believe that this potential can be harnessed to drive social and economic growth in the communities that possess these natural resources. 


In pursuit of this dream, we have founded Guatemala Escala, an organization comprised of like-minded Guatemalans who share our dream of using sports and tourism as a means to create opportunities for progress in our country.


Our mission is to foster community development in a sustainable and inclusive manner through the promotion of sport and ecotourism.


Our dream is to create sustainable and resilient communities in Guatemala by leveraging the power of sport and ecotourism.




Allies play a crucial role in enabling an NGO to secure the financial, logistical, and technical resources required to achieve its goals. With their support, an NGO can make a significant difference in the realization of its projects. Moreover, allies can help the NGO expand its outreach and increase public awareness of its mission and objectives. Ultimately, a strong and committed network of allies can help an NGO to have a greater impact on the community and achieve lasting success in its projects.

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Fundación Instinto Salvaje
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