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Updated: Mar 13

The Volcán Cerro Quemado, located in Canton Chicúa, Quetzaltenango, 206 kilometers and 3.5 hours away from Guatemala City, is a place of great religious and touristic significance in Guatemala. Its rocky landscape, a result of an eruption in 1765, attracts numerous visitors daily, many of whom seek to engage in religious practices in this site characterized by notable syncretism. Juan Noj, a spirit residing in one of the caves of the place, is venerated, and the indigenous community also considers it sacred, conducting ceremonies and altars round the clock.

In addition to its religious relevance, Volcán Cerro Quemado is renowned for hosting multiple rock climbing routes, making it the second place with the most developed sports climbing in Guatemala. However, the tourism that the volcano receives has also brought with it an evident problem: the accumulation of trash. From the beginning of the journey, the presence of inorganic waste left by visitors can be noticed. The lack of infrastructure and rules for proper waste management has contributed to this situation, where wrappers are abandoned in the same place where their contents were consumed.

In this context, Guatemala Escala has taken the lead in driving significant change. Not only have we committed to collecting existing garbage on the hill, but we have also worked closely with the Canton Chicúa community, as well as with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), to implement concrete measures. In this joint effort, 51 trash bins have been installed along the trail, thus facilitating proper waste management. This initiative has been made possible through teamwork with local authorities and active community participation.

We firmly believe that by promoting environmental awareness and responsibility among visitors and the local community, we can preserve the natural beauty of Volcán Cerro Quemado and ensure a sustainable future for this important tourist and religious attraction in Guatemala. ¡Reach us out for more information and tours availability!

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