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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Our project "Escalemos el Deporte" is an initiative that seeks to promote sports practice in all ages and population segments. To achieve this, we have designed a series of sports activities that include individual sports such as yoga, and collective sports such as rock climbing and rugby. In addition, our sports activations are led by trained coaches and professionals, ensuring safety and quality.

One of the main advantages of our "Escalemos el Deporte" project is that it promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. We know that sedentary behavior is one of the main health problems in our current society, so we want to promote sports practice as a tool to improve physical and mental health. Additionally, sports can be a very fun and rewarding activity, which makes it easier to maintain motivation and consistency in sports practice.

Finally, our "Escalemos el Deporte" project seeks to create a community and collaborative environment. We want people to feel part of a group and be able to enjoy sports practice with others who share similar interests. We believe that this can be very beneficial for self-esteem, confidence, and social relationships. In summary, our "Escalemos el Deporte" project is a comprehensive and well-structured initiative that seeks to promote sports, health, and community.

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