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Sports Ambassadors

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Guatemalan athletes face significant obstacles that hinder their development, primarily due to the lack of support from private and government organizations. The main reason for this lack of support is the lack of transparency in the country regarding these disciplines.

At Guatemala Escala, we firmly believe that with the right tools, we can help turn these athletes' dreams into reality by providing them with opportunities to excel in their discipline through the support of our partner brands and institutions.

To this end, we have launched "Embajadores del Deporte," a project specifically designed to provide opportunities for Guatemalan athletes by connecting them with brands that offer sponsorships for necessary funding to train and compete both nationally and internationally. By doing so, we can provide greater visibility to the athletes and help increase traffic to their public profiles, ultimately resulting in long-term support for these athletes. This support ranges from athletic sponsorships to educational opportunities, helping to create leaders of change in our society.

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